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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 11, 2014 11:00am-11:31am JST

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welcome to "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. first a look at headlines. people in turkey cast their ballots for the first time in ra presidential election. and they've chosen a familiar face. israeli forces and hamas militants agreed to a new 72-hour cease-fire. as leaders from both sides look for a more lasting truce. and the australian parents at the center of an international surrogacy scandal
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say they never intended to leave their baby boy in thailand. ukrainian military leaders say they cut off a key supply root in eastern ukraine. they have been stepping up to regain control in the region. military officials announced on sunday that their troops blocked a route connecting the two separatist controls cities. ukrainian media is reporting that government forces tighten their siege and they say troops have taken control of the checkpoint set up by the militants on a road leading to the city center. the leader of the self proclaimed people's republic said on saturday he is ready to discuss a cease-fire. he says it is to prevent a humanitarian. they are accusing the ukrainian
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military of increasing their bombings. russian reports are 5 2 people killed and hundreds injured.2 p killed and hundreds injured. voters in turkey have taken part in a historical election. the vote was won by ertowan, he is expected to leave his post sometime next year. some are concerned he may become more powerful. >> there are three candidates taking part in the election. the former head of the organization of islamic corporation. and head of a political party. the turkish constitution gives
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power to the prime minister. the president is likely ceremonial. erdogan changed the process to make it a popular vote. erdogan also wants to shift executive power to the presidency. he is banned by his party from serving more than three consecutive terms as prime minister. that means erdogan plans to continue being a player in local politics, but now as president. erdogan won clear majority in sunday's vote. >> translator: we will continue our struggle to further improve democracy and implement its standard. we will do everything to further
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improve the country. >> the victories attributed to his 11 years in office. he was praised for handling of the economy. turkish gdp increased more than p three times to $10,000 under his leadership. he also raised turkey's profile as a regional power. he accelerated negotiations to join the european union. and helped mediate the conflicts in g in gaza and iraq. >> translator: erdogan brought change and development to turkey. the country will improve further under his presidency. >> but some people are worried. today a will could edge student campaigned for one of the other
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candidates. he says he took part in protests last year in istanbul. when they opened fire with tear gas, he said several of his friends were injured or detained. he continues to protest using social media. but in march, the government blocked access to twitter and youtube to silence criticism on the corruption scandal. he is worried that erdogan may try to exert greater power as the first directly elected president. >> translator: i don't have much hope for the future. i wonder where my country is heading. i worry things might get worse. >> erdogan says an executive presidency is better than a prime minister for having a strong leadership in an unstable region. people inside and outside the country are now wondering if he
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will turn out to be a hero or a tyrant. nhk world, istanbul. >> israeli and hamas soldiers have agreed to put down their weapons temporarily. there is a new 72-hour cease-fire. mediators said both sides have accepted their proposal. officials say the israeli negotiators will return to cairo to resume talks with their palestinian counter parts if the truce holds. fights broke out again on friday immediately after the three-day cease-fire expired. health officials say israeli airstrikes on sunday killed 13 palestinians. the united states conducted a new round of airstrikes in northern iraq on sunday. it's the third straight day of
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the operation to beat back sunni militants. u.s. attacks are spreading to wider areas since president barack obama first approved limited airstrikes on friday. the u.s. central command said drone aircraft and fighter jets hit armed trucks and mortar positions near erbil. the main city of the main kurdish autonomous division. u.s. forces conducted five air strikes in five hours, targeting sunni militants who are attacking kurdish troops.strikeg sunni militants who are attacking kurdish troops.irstri targeting sunni militants who are attacking kurdish troops. obama has suggested u.s. forces will continue their operation for the long-term. meanwhile, the state department said on sunday it's moving a limited number of staff from the embassy in baghdad and the consulate in erbil. they're being sent to safer locations, including the jordanian capital amman. top diplomats from america and china have argued over issues regarding the south china sea. they were taking parts in
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discussions on security issues with other foreign ministers at asean forum. chinese are caught up in a number of disputes. delegates quoted john kerry as unilateral action is destabilizing the region. kerry expressed support for a philippine proposal to introduce a moratorium on activities that could escalate tensions in the south china sea. but the chinese foreign minister said it will take time to consider the proposal. cambodia dell gants express gats /* /- delegates express their reluctance to the proposal. they found they do have some support. >> reporter: on the sidelines of the meetings, chinese officials promised thailand economic aid.
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many western countries criticize their leadership after it staged a coup in may. china swell against the tide by offering support for the military government. >> translator: china bases its relations with thailand on its own circumstances. beijing will not sever political and economic ties with thailand. despite the change in the country's government or leadership. >> reporter: china's stance is affecting asean's diplomacy. we've obtained a document that shows how the foreign ministers drafted a joint statement. the philippines proposed a moratorium on activities that could escalate tensions in the south china sea. but thailand along with louse and cambodia demanded that wording critical of beijing be deleted. louse and cambodia are diplomatically and economically close to china.
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thailand says the declaration of conduct, a 12-year-old agreement, aimed at peacefully resolving disagreements is a good basis for solving the current disputes. >> we have the doc, so let's -- why don't we look at it. i think this can be implemented in the context. even the philippine proposal can be implemented. in the context of the doc. >> reporter: china hopes to host asean's first meeting next year. the country is trying to marginalize the united states and japan arguing they're not part of the south china sea's coastal block. beijing is expected to speed up efforts to gain the upper hand in the territorial issues. japan's foreign minister has met with his north korean counter part for the first time in more than a year. he had a brief meeting on
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sunday, the last day of the asean foreign minister's meetings. >> translator: i had an opportunity to talk with north korean foreign minister. i explained to him japan's stance concerning the investigation into the abduction of japanese nationals and security issues including the nuclear and missile programs. >> but he refrained from disclosing to reporters details of his conversation. he urged the north korean government to conduct a thorough investigation into the fate of japanese nationals abducted by agents from the north. officials believe that at least 17 japanese were kidnapped in the 1970s and '80s. urging north korean leaders to exercise strength by not engaging in further provocations.
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an australian couple denied they abandoned their son after learning he had down syndrome. they say the thai surrogate mother insisted on keeping the baby boy named gammy. david and wendy gave their side of the story to australian television. they insist they never intended for the surrogate to raise the baby. the couple left the baby in thailand and took home his healthy twin sister. >> she said if we try to take the little boy she will get the police and come and take our little girl. >> take both of the babies. >> the 21-year-old surrogate mother denies this version of events. >> the truth from my side is, i never said i wanted to keep both babies. but i did not allow gammy to go back with them. that's the truth.
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the reason is they would bring gammy back and put him in an institution. >> the surrogate mother gave birth to the twins in december. thailand is a popular destination for foreign couples who want it have babies through surrogacy. but the country lacks laws on the practice. there's been a deadly crash of a chinese tour bus in southwestern china'sty bet atown mouse region. the bus plunged into a valley after a three-vehicle collision leaving 44 people dead. state-run xinhua news agency says the bus fell off of a ten-meter cliff on a mountainous road outside lhasa, the region's major city. 11 people were taken to hospitals after they were lifted up by a crane. central tv says an suv traveling right behind the bus attempted to overtake it by crossing the center line but collided head on with a truck coming in the opposite direction. the bus driver reportedly tried to avoid a collision but couldn't keep the vehicle from going off the cliff. most of the passengers were
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tourists from eastern areas including shanghai. immediate mees meeda reports from iran say 38 people died in a plane crash on sunday. the plane kaurrying 48 passengers and crew members was heading it eastern iran. it went down near the airport soon after taking off. state run media said 38 people were confirmed dead and 10 others taken to the hospital. the plane was a twin engine turboprop. airport officials were quoted as saying the poi lots reported an engine malfunction just before take off. airline managers in japan are looking to land new employees. there are about 5,700 pilots certified to fly commercial aircraft but many are in their 40s and will retire around 2030.
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with growing demand, airlines say they need another 3,000 pilots by then. some educators are taking steps to fill the gap. nhk world explains. >> reporter: planes take off one after another at airports across japan. but in the last few months, low-cost carriers have had to cancel hundreds of flights due to pilots calling in sick or resigning. the shortage of pilots in japan has become a serious problem for the airlines. some educators are stepping in to help train new pilots. in april, this university in southwestern japan started offering a flight training course. former airline captains and trainers were hired to teach. >> translator: we believe training new pilots in japan is an urgent issue. we are very excited to have made
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a great start as the timing is good. >> reporter: ten aspiring pilots aged between 18 to 30 were admitted to the school. these students will start flying aircraft later this year. >> like flying airplanes. i want to be a pilot. >> translator: i want to become the world's safest pilot. and wow my passengers. >> reporter: 75% of pilots in japan are either trained by the nations top two airlines are are gradates after government-funded aviation college. while people in the u.s. and britain have hundreds of training schools to choose from, japan only has about 20. okinawa is one place attracting training pilots. this company here has begun offering courses that are more affordable and faster.
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students can obtain a pilot's license in just 14 months. at this training facility, students obtain part of their pilot's license in the u.s. the institution installed flight simulators certified by the u.s. federal aviation administration. these u.s.-made sim litters help students get accustom to the american testing system. the total fees here start about $110,000. that's almost half as much student pay at other facilities in japan. >> i can cut expenses by using a simulator and experience emergency situations. i can't did that on real aircraft. >> reporter: there are 20 student in the program right now. but over the next few years, the people who run it hope that the number will rise to about a hundred.
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>> i'm looking for probably about five schools in japan. we have a lot of demands for those flying in the tokyo area and high kiedo area. >> reporter: specialists say as well as training more pilots, schools need to make sure of the quality of each trainee. >> translator: i think the government needs to work together with airlines, training facilities and universities to ensure there is a standard level of training. we need to ensure each school is at the same level. >> kobyoshi said in the short term airline managers should consider hiring more people from abroad. and government officials have decided to allow pilots who have left the self-defense forces to work for the airlines. they hope that will help them solve a problem that's just taking off. nhk world. >> scientists in australia fear
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a tourist destination visited by millians of people every year will wash away. they're seeing coral on the great barrier reef erode and they've undertaken a plan to preserve the national wonder. >> reporter: the great barrier reef is the world's largest coral reef. it stretches over 2,000 kilometers off of australian's coast. but now this national wonder is in danger. this coral has been bleached. the cause is linked to the rising ocean temperature. if it stays at this level, more coral will die or deteriorate. the australian institute of marine science says in the last 30 years the great barrier reef has shrunk by 50%. some researchers say pollution is the cause.
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among them is professor john brodie. his research focuses on water runoff from land. >> pollution comes from both agriculture and coastal development including ports. the first stage of that was 20 years of science and research. we did lots of research and science and showed in fact that agricultural pollution was a real problem for the reef. >> reporter: fertilizers used on the farm land drain into the sea harming water quality. this has a deadly effect on coral. the situation is so critical that australia's government has launched a plan to halt a coral reef decline by 2050. >> we need to sustain the effort. it took us 100 years to cause the problem. it will take some decades to
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repair the water quality. >> reporter: the government's policy has encouraged many local farmers to start making changes. this sugar cane field, more than 100 kilometers inland has its own water catching system. it prevents fertilizers from getting into rivers and then to the sea. water from the field is collected in a catchment. then it is recycled and pumped back out to the field. students take part in the conservation effort. this school teaches that water quality is vital for the health of coral reefs. water for raising fish and growing vegetables is treated before it's released. >> too much ammonia can kill fish and if we don't protect the reef, it won't be here for future generations. >> i guess litter is the big thing. a lot of people litter in
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australia, and we don't want that to get to the great barrier reef. >> it's everything to do with protecting our reef by watching how much rubbish you have because that can go into drains ruining the reef, looking at after the water streams. looking after the pio diversibp diversitdiversity. >> reporter: people, both young and old, do whatever they can to preserve the reef. their steady efforts continue. nhk world, sidney. a storm delivered severe weather conditions to people in western japan. now residents in northern areas are dealing with the effects of the same storm. roger speta joins us with the latest. >> yes, the good news, this has now been downgraded from a tropical system to an extra
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tropical storm. what that means in simple terms, it no longer has the characteristics it had down south. back toward the west and far eastern russia. and over the weekend with be this just dumped a torrential amount of rain fall. what i mean by that, take a look at this number. this is since the 1st of august. 2,008 millimeters out here. needless to say, this is causing flooding. one area here on koji prefecture, that same location actually, this puts it up to number nine in all time rain totals for a 24-hour period. this is based on basically back when the jma started keeping records for this. over the course of 24 hours. the high is back in 1988 where you had 979 millimeters also in kochi prefecture. an incredible amount of rain. we will still see it but now it
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is across parts of akiedo. we haven't scent sustained winds over 54 kilometers per hour. authorities advised people to evacuate in some areas and mudslides. gust are as high as 100 kilometers per hour and we are seeing that threat continue through the rest of monday. by tuesday, slowly tapering off but definitely this is a continued an ongoing situation as we continue to watch that storm system. just taper off and move off towards the north. clearer skies behind it but there is still a threat of flooding. all that rain fall accumulating ought mountains. that will flow down to the rivers and streams into western portions of japan through monday and tuesday. back toward the west, showers across southwestern china. the problem here is you still have the recovery efforts from last week's earthquake out there. and unfortunately, there's that threat of, well, flooding p. so definitely not helping out
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recovery efforts at all. talking about tropical systems, we also had iselle last week. can't good out without talking about this storm system. it did cause damage across hawaii. second tropical storm in over 50 years to make land fall here. so it doesn't happen all that often. let's show the video out of big island where that flooding did take place. you saw the gusting winds. this is on saturday, a day after the storm made land fall. about 23,000 people actually, left without power. about 15,000 people on sunday as well, still didn't have power. so it is still being restored. some 95,000 tourists are actually visiting the cell made land fall. i know it is summer and a lot of people are traveling to their destinations here. definitely a big scare here for them. also, still watching another storm system. the good news with julio, staying further off to the north. kicking off high waves along the north shore there.
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but good news, this one will be a fish storm and only the fish will be impacted by it directly. do you want to wrap things up here in europe. we are continuing to watch the severe weather situation across western europe. this is bringing heavy rain fall and gusty winds through the british isles. this will fire up strong storms across france, towards spain. even a tornado in belgium. this is a leading edge of a cooler air mass. you can see temperatures into the 20s. as we look further east, it is baking hot towards kiev, 32 for your high on monday. here is the extended outlook.
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and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in
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tokyo. thanks for joining us
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